Three-Phase UPS


Keor HPE UPS is a three-phase uninterruptible power supply On-line Double Conversion with 3-Level IGBT technology, PWM high frequency and with the possibility to be connected in parallel to have N+X redundancy up to total 6 units.

It delivers a rated power of 60-80-100-125-160-200-300-400-500-600kVA.
Keor HPE with its hi-efficiency and reliability, provides continuous and hi-quality energy for critical loads in Tertiary, Industry, Heltcare and Transport applications.

keor hpe
keor hpe front view
keor hpe inside view
keor hpe ups
keor hpe left side view
keor hpe 200-250-300 kw
keor hpe 200-250-300-kw side view
keor hpe-400-500 kw.jpg

General Features

  • 60-600kVA Capacity
  • PF 1 (kVA=kW)
  • 3 Phase Input / 3 Phase Output
  • 3 level IGBT- Inverter
  • High Efficiency
  • LCD/Touch Screen Display
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
  • Input Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • Parallel Capability up to 6 Units 2N & N+1 Redundancy
  • 2N Sychro
  • Smart Battery Charge Cycle
  • Genset operation compliant
  • Optimized Ventilation Against Wall installation
  • Front access operation and service
  • Full IT Connectivity
  • Wide offer of optional features and accessories
  • internal front access
  • Smart Display
  • Universal battery cabinets



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