DTIX by Legrand

Legrand’s personalized service enhances the value of the new Nexpand cabinets in the DTIX Data Center

In the small world of data centers, customer relationships are key to building trust and ensuring that equipment is tailored to operators’ needs. By choosing the new Minkels Nexpand racks from Legrand Data Center Solutions, DTiX has found a suitable, personalized response to its expectations.

DTIX project

2021 in Dijon, France
The data center wanted to offer its customers a modular infrastructure by the cabinet, halfrack, or even private suites (a secure space inside a room) from 6 cabinets (12 m²) and in a cold-corridor that supports free-cooling. Its designers found a customized solution that fit their needs in Legrand Data Center Solutions.

dtix legrand
dtix legrand solution

The solution

The choice of cabinets and their design in the rooms was an essential step in the design of the DTiX offering. In order to meet its objectives of high availability and security of the IT infrastructures that will be installed in the rooms, a customized cabinet was created to match the needs for hosting. Legrand was involved in designing the data center by setting up the cabinets. One key detail made a big difference for DTiX: the Nexpand cabinets are white, which stands out from the traditional black and improves the overall brightness of the room. As a result, Nexpand cabinets add a sense of calm and cleanliness that benefits a modern, efficient data center.

Nexpand cabinets

Nexpand is Legrand’s premium configure-to-order cabinet platform for the data center market. It offers a highly configurable design with ready-to-ship parts that provide shorter delivery times and faster deployment. The cabinet is constructed with a lightweight solid aluminum frame, a 3,500 lbs static load capacity, and aluminum extrusions, ensuring that it will stand the test of time.

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