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Legrand equips the HQ site in Evere

For those who have historically dubbed the Belgian military as “the great mute”, it’s time for a change of stance. It may well be a sensitive topic, but the MoD headquarters has something to say when it comes to discussions about its future plans for data centers and cybersecurity tools. We met with Philippe Renard, an experienced engineer within the Infrastructure Competence Center of the Belgian Ministry of Defense, also in charge of “Special Techniques”.

Belgian Defense project

2021 in Evere, Belgium
Cybersecurity requirements demand that the Belgian government deploys and commits various financial, material and human resources. The federal authorities – with proven competence in this field – decided to step up rather than adopt a passive response. The MoD in particular has an active involvement here, which is why the intra-defense department, in charge of security, has developed a multi-year infrastructure program. The new data center project is a key milestone in the program.

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the solution

The solution

Close attention was given to developing the installation project. The versatility of Modulan’s aluminum profiles relies on highly precise measurements. “An engineer came out from Modulan’s head office in Hessen, Germany, to take measurements with millimeter accuracy, before producing a 3D model of the entire installation,” recounts Philippe Renard. “We took into consideration the ventilation system based on warm aisle technology. A choice made by the MoD’s own IT department, steered not only by the relatively remote location of the CRAC units, but also by a desire to be more energy efficient and to ensure an even temperature between the top and bottom of the racks.

Modulan racks & containment

Modulan products are made of highly flexible aluminium profiles. Apart from being lightweight, which of course reduces the net weight of the cabinet system itself, the aluminium profiles offer surprising possibilities for mounting accessories. Solid connections allow for professional assembly of cable management, equipment and power supply. On top of that, the products are designed to be compatible with accessories from all renowned suppliers.

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