House Management Systems

arteor touch screen
Centralised, local or remote management of all My Home automation functions via user-friendly and innovative control interfaces.

Comfort / Control

arteor dimmer shwitch
The My Home automation system provides maximum convenience with complete management of the installation using advanced control interfaces.

Access Control

access control
Used for welcoming visitors and to control access to the house with total security. Linked to the scenarios, they can for example control outside lighting for welcoming guests.

Energy Saving

energy saving
These allow the consumption of electricity, water and gas to be monitored on one single screen.

Basic Audio & Video Kits

audio & video kits
  • Solutions providing basic functions and plug-in power connections.
  • Ideal for simple installations (eg. one-family home, villa‚Ķ)
  • The perfect solution to replace door bells by door entry phone