Protection Devices

circuit breaker dmx3
The full range of Legrand protection equipment delivers an efficient and powerful solution against electrical faults anywhere in the installation.

Cabinets & Enclosures

cabinets & enclosures
Various enclosures and cabinets solutions exist to cover any type of installation from residential to industrial. They share the same sober modern design and provide effortless cabling and deployability.

Atlantic-E cabinets offer a high quality finish, ensure the maximum safety, the ordered arrangement and optimum protection of electrical components, like terminal blocks, switches and sockets, fuse carriers, safety transformers and circuit breakers.

Practibox Distribution Cabinets

practibox Cabinet
Practibox flush-mounting distribution cabinets blend perfectly into living areas or the workplace with their white finish and clear windows. Thanks to the reversible faceplate, the door can be either right or left opening. It can be fittwed with a key lock. These additional features increase the added value of your projects.

New Programmable Time Switch

AlphaRex Programmable Timer
The AlphaRex³ family of programmable digital time switches make your life easier

Weatherproof Cabinets & Enclosures

The different ranges of weatherproof polyester and metal cabinets are the answer to your needs in terms of strength, ease of use, simplicity and adaptability for industrial and commercial applications.


electrical enclosure plexo
A range of IP65-IK09 weatherproof cabinets, for different configurations adapted to your requirements and offering maximum convenience and modularity.


electrical enclosure marina
Designed in fibreglass reinforced polyester, these enclosures are particularly suitable for corrosive environments: petrochemical, food processing industries

Other products

Strength, security, reliability and time saving during installation are the main benefits common to the other Legrand equipments for electrical switchboard, such as Viking 3 terminal blocks or CTX industrial contactors.

VIKING 3 Terminal Blocks

Viking terminal blocks
Screw connection or automatic spring connection...

CTX Industrial Contactors

CTX Contactors
The new range of CTX industrial contactors provides safe and effective control, monitoring andt protection of circuits. It can be used for electricity distribution applications for both commercial and industrial buildings...

ALPICAN Capacitors

applican capacitor
Alpican is constructed with three single elements stacked and assembled to form a delta connection. Compact design in cylindrical aluminium can for uniform heat dissipation, high mechanical strength and stability. It ensures longer life to the system and an easy handling.

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

ups interruptable power supply
An efficient solution to guarantee continuity of service for computers and to protect sensitive equipment in buildings. UPS units provide emergency power to workstations in the event of a mains power failure.

Cast Resin Transformer

ups interruptable power supply
Compact and easy to use, the HV/LV dry type transformers available up to 20,000 kVA optimise consumption during phases where the building is inactive. They offer excellent resistance to short-circuits and reduce maintenance costs. Since they can be recycled, they are also non-polluting.

Busbar Trunking Systems

busbar trunking system
LB PLUS is the new range of Zucchini busbars for the distribution of power, from 25 to 63 A. With a single product, Zucchini replaces the LB, HL, and SL ranges, offering a busbar that is simpler, better performing, and easier to install.

LB Plus Data

LB Plus Data
The management of artificial light is essential for ensuring both better comfort and energy savings, with consequent reduction of operating costs. It is with these 2 objectives in mind that LB PLUS DATA was developed, the new busbar trunking system with an internal BUS that can be used for the management of DALI or 1-10V protocol based lighting.