Legrand Environmentally Friendly Transformers

Legrand’s extensive range of products and systems for electrical installations and building infrastructures encompasses cast resin transformers, designed for low environmental impact. Legrand’s energy efficient cast resin transformers, which efficiently transfer electrical power between two different voltage systems, at the same frequency, are manufactured according to stringent quality and safety specifications. These transformers have no risk of insulating fluid losses and are a low fire hazard - even in harsh environments, like on the mines and in chemical and petrochemical plants. Other…

Price Increase January 2018

Dear Valued Customer, I would like to begin by expressing my sincerest gratitude for your valued contribution to business this year. It is also pertinent to mention our thanks for your commitment towards Legrand and for being such loyal partners. Your feedback and support are undoubtedly very important to us and we trust that we have met your expectations this year so far in both customer service and support. Indeed, we never like to compose such notices. However, we pride ourselves on being one of the few manufacturers, who in fact maintained a consistent pricing for almost the last two years.…