Power Distribution & Industrial Products

Atlantic electrical enclosure cabinetAtlantic E-EnclosuresView Video
Plexo 3 weatherproof enclosuresPlexo3 Weatherproof EnclosuresView Video
Zucchini Resin TransfromersZucchini Resin TransfromersView Video
Cast Resin TransformerCast Resin TransformerView Video
Uninterruptable Power SupplyUPS PresentationView Video
New surge protective devices (SPDs)New surge protective devices (SPDs)View Video
Zucchini busbarZucchini busbarView Video
LB Plus lighting busbar from ZucchiniLB Plus lighting busbar from ZucchiniView Video

Switches & Sockets

Arteor wiring devices videoÄRTEOR Flow of EnergiesView Video
USB chargerUSB ChargerView Video
Universal dimmer ArteorUniversal dimmer
View Video
Universal automatic switch ArteorUniversal automatic switch ArteorView Video
Automatic skirting light ArteorAutomatic skirting light ArteorView Video

Residential Systems

home automationHome AutomationView Video
Arteor wiring devices video10" Touch ScreenView Video
2-wire video door entry solutions 2-wire video door
entry solutions
View Video
CLASSE 300 BTicino Video internal unit connectedCLASSE 300 BTicino
Video internal unit...
View Video

Lighting Management

lighting managementLighting ManagementView Video
Switch SensorsView Video

Cable Management

cablofil trunkingCablofilView Video
Soluflex #1View Video
Soluflex #2View Video
Popup BoxesView Video
Assistance and day-to-day comfortView Video
A real light path with an attractive appearanceView Video
Energy savings and comfort for usersView Video

Structured Cabling

LS2 cablingLS2 CablingView Video

Connection Products

Tempra PRO PlugsTempra PRO PlugsView Video


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