Plexo Boxes

plexo multi gang box
Plexo Boxes - For maximum ease of wiring, the new multi-gang boxes (horizontal and vertical) have the partitions removed. Available in 2-gang vertical and 3-gang horizontal versions.

Viking Terminal Blocks

viking terminal block
The terminal blocks are used for the electrical connection between two flexible or rigid conductors. There is a choice of two types of connection: screw connection or automatic spring connection. The same accessories for both types.

OSMOZ - Push buttons

OSMOZ push buttons
  • On all heads, rotation is prevented by a tab which retracts when not required
  • Insulating material ensures electrical safety
  • Design and shape help avoid build-up of dirt and make the switch easy to clean
  • EN 418 illuminated mushroom head with yellow collar for side-on visual indication
  • Optimized ergonomic design
  • Innovative functions: illuminated emergency stop mushroom head, etc
  • Optimized dimensions: low-profile heads


starfix tool
Starfix - Provide an equipotential link for all the strands of a flexible conductor. Active part in tinned electrolytic copper.


Tempr PRO connectors
The P17 Tempra Pro range incorporates numerous benefits for optimum commissioning of installations and increased user safety. More than ever before, the new range is highly recommended for all sites involving specific constraints related to waterproofness, impact resistance or temperature conditions, both indoors and outdoors: shopping centres, hospitals, office buildings, food processing facilities, industry, transportation, data centres, markets etc.