DLP Trunking

DLP trunking
Legrand's new Direct Clipping DLP Trunking, available in both black and white finish, responds to the needs of progressive cable management and the installation of equipment in the modern work place. Suitable for both power and data applications.

Designed for utmost functionality with variable interior and exterior angles, all configurations are possible and easy to put in place. Installation is simple and its astute form and impeccable finish only enhances its many benefits.

Popup Boxes

popup boxes
Our sleek new ergonomically designed pop-up boxes provide real ease of use and rapid connection solutions for mobile applications such as PCs, mobile phones and audio and video systems.

Users have a choice of high and low current desk or floor mounted (raised access or concrete floors) connections for immediate use.


Soluflex floor boxes
Hundreds of thousands square meters of Soluflex have already been installed around the world for good reason - the Soluflex cable floor system offers maximum design, freedom and flexibility.


Cablofil cable management
Cablofil PVC cable tray can be installed in both commercial and industrial environments

Desktop Office Outlet Units

Desktrop Office outlet unit
Available ready to use or as a customisable solution, our multi-outlet desktop extensions provide a high degree of flexibility and ease of use for both mobile and deskbased users. These solutions can adapt to any furniture configuration and are easily installed on the desks to carry power as close to the user as possible without having to drill through the furniture

Floor Box

Floor boxes access
Enables power and data distribution to workstations and can be installed in raised flooring or a concrete.

Mini Column

DLP mini column
To provide power and data in open areas or under desks.


dlp led trunking
With its neat design and a choice of several lighting colours, this new illuminated range of mini-trunking, trunking and plinths is ideal both for requirements in the passageways of non-residential buildings (hotels, offices, museums, exhibition halls, hospitals) and specific needs in the residential sector, in particular for the elderly who are losing their independence and/or are disabled and want to continue to live safely in their own homes.