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Legrand was recently informed of fire outbreaks that may have involved, in certain installations, ALPES TECHNOLOGIES capacitors. Within the context of our quality monitoring policy, we immediately initiated an internal technical analysis which showed that due to nonconforming environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, installation, poor maintenance,...) certain capacitors may be subject to premature aging; this could lead to failure and may cause combustion.

The reactive energy compensation is a specific activity that requires specific actions to secure the installations.

As a preventative measure, our quality processes require further inspection and operations to be carried out. For this we ask you to identify your power factor correction panels that may contain any Alpivar capacitors or capacitor banks manufactured between June 2014 and December 2015.

Contact Legrand SA (see contact below) urgently should you have a PFC installation that may be affected.

Note that this operation does not concern other ALPES TECHNOLOGIES capacitors, products and services. The details of this intervention will be communicated shortly after your notification to us.

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