Legrand’s Ysalis switches and sockets - with advanced technology for energy saving, safety and reliability – are gaining popularity in South Africa, as consumers seek a stylish, yet affordable way to ensure comfort at home.

The company’s strategy to introduce a chic range of wiring devices to economy and standard market segments, meets local demand for sophisticated, yet affordable fittings, with high quality, safe and reliable control features. 

The Ysalis range has a contemporary design that enriches the décor of any home or office and also provides easy and convenient control of lighting, air-conditioning and the television. Slim, curvy shaped plates, available in white and champagne, can be fitted with fluorescent indictors on the switches for improved comfort and safety in the dark.

Ysalis - designed for new and existing installations - accommodates current and new RSA standards for local plugs. Legrand’s 3000 mA intelligent USB technology provides fast charging of two devices, with balanced load sharing. 16 A RSA monoblocs feature both the old and new RSA 2P and E sockets, as well as USB A-type and C-type connectivity for high-speed charging of all mobile devices. A monobloc is a single mould of multiple wiring devices arranged together and factory-wired in a fixed form. According to Legrand specialists, the advantage is that multiple components can be powered-up with one termination connection.





Ysalis is easily adapted to suit European two pin socket appliances. Universal dimmers control incandescent and halogen loads, as well as LEDs and compact fluorescent lamps. This range is also fully compatible with Legrand trunking systems.

According to Legrand, electrical installers are impressed with these compact mechanisms, where there is more space in the back box for easy wiring. For improved safety, a spacer separates high and data currents. Installation is also effortless. Data sockets are fitted with tool-less connectors, eliminating the need for punch down tools.

The modular design allows any configuration of Ysalis to be adapted to suit present and future needs. With this system, it’s not necessary to damage the wall to increase, remove or change the number of lighting points or connections – the same box and support frames are used to accommodate all modifications.

Various modules are available - from one to three modules, up to six modules – with double or triple pole switches. 

Legrand’s commitment to its local customer base encompasses the ongoing launch of products to meet exact market requirements. Ysalis wiring devices suit standard market segments looking for sophisticated, yet affordable fittings, with safe and reliable control features. 

Ysalis is available throughout the country from Legrand and its extensive distributor network.