Legrand Environmentally Friendly Transformers

Legrand’s extensive range of products and systems for electrical installations and building infrastructures encompasses cast resin transformers, designed for low environmental impact.

Legrand’s energy efficient cast resin transformers, which efficiently transfer electrical power between two different voltage systems, at the same frequency, are manufactured according to stringent quality and safety specifications. These transformers have no risk of insulating fluid losses and are a low fire hazard - even in harsh environments, like on the mines and in chemical and petrochemical plants.

Other advantages of these transformers are significant savings on electricity costs and minimal energy waste. This compact system has also been designed for easy installation and low maintenance requirements – no oil changes or periodic oil purifications are necessary.

The absence of flammable insulation liquids, the use of self-extinguishing materials exempt of toxic gas emissions, reduced noise levels and low electromagnetic emissions, ensure enhanced environmental protection in all sectors.”

Legrand’s standard distribution transformers have rated power between 100 and 3 150 kVA, primary rated voltage up to 36 kV and secondary rated voltage up to 433 V. Special transformers have rated power up to 17 000 kVA. The variable impedance level selection enhances the options on the fault level requirements and various tap settings are also available.


The Legrand's energy efficient cast resin transformers efficiently transfer electrical power between two different voltage systems, at the same frequency, are manufactured according to stringent quality and safety specifications.

Unlike oil transformers - cast resin units, with reduced overall weight, size and dimensions - can be installed inside commercially occupied buildings. Civil costs are reduced, as there is no need to cater for oil containment bunions. This means optimum flexibility of the location in any installation. Because no cooling fluids are necessary, maintenance costs are also minimised.

These transformers have features for enhanced efficiency and optimum safety. Rubber inserts alleviate the transmission of vibrations between core and windings, also reducing operating noise levels and absorbing thermal expansion of components. Sockets on the MV side adapt the primary voltage to the mains, which can be set with the transformer switched off.

Class F insulating material, at 155°C, allows for a temperature rise of 100°C and the epoxy resin insulation means low maintenance. The carriage of these units, which allow safe movement, is pre-equipped for the mounting of IP reinforced enclosures.

Accessories include thermal sensors or thermistors, electronic units for temperature control and forced ventilation systems to increase transformer power in temporary overloads or at high environmental temperatures. Legrand can also supply MV terminations for plug-in connections, surge arrester kits and anti-seismic supports. Various enclosure options are available, with different degrees of protection against the environment, as well as for human protection.

Legrand transformers are enhanced by the Zucchini busbar trunking system which provides synergy for a direct connection. These busbars are available in aluminium or copper.

Legrand offers a technical advisory service on which transformer and busbar trunking system provides the best solution for every specific application. in the distribution of electrical power, energy co-generation, rectification and traction.